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Your New Online Portal to the Stars!

Welcome to the new look website of your Canadian Space Society!  Our online presence has needed a new facelift for quite awhile and we are ecstatic to leverage this new platform. Besides obvious visual changes, the new website has been designed to facilitate more information and more interaction for our members - whether they are students, professionals or corporate members.  For one thing, you will notice the 'Space Asset Map', which is a dynamic and flexible tool to both communicate the incredible amount of space expertise in Canada, as well as to highlight our potential to take on new space technology challenges in the future.  There is also the new CSS Forum that will encourage more interaction and communication amongst members - sharing our views and thoughts is a key way to moving the space 'yardsticks' forward in helping Canada meet its space goals.  Also of note, we are now providing an Online Shop to both access a growing list of CSS novelty items as well as providing a venue to market other goods as well.

With You, the CSS is Changing

Partnership and Participation are the names of the game.  We have goals; you have goals - let's achieve them together.  Going forward, the CSS is looking to connect with as many like-minded people and groups to confirm that 1+1=3 for meeting Canada's space goals.  The basis of Canadian space success is irrevocably tied to the Canadian taxpayer, whether he/she appreciates the benefits of space products/services or not.  We need to leverage the knowledge, skills and talents of the many space actors across Canada to bring the message home, and thus hopefully support the adoption of more space programs to achieve even more benefits.  To this end, we want to encourage and participate in as many space events as possible, especially as they are able to connect with the Canadian public.  This is why the CSS has engaged in even more MoUs with a diverse group of organizations to tap into more advocacy and outreach opportunities. For example, the CSS has been investing in developing its relationship with the International Astronautical Federation (IAF) - a massive space organization that affords many opportunities globally for those looking to expand their horizons.  You'll see a number of examples of our closer ties with the IAF in and around the coming International Astronatutical Congress (IAC) coming to TO this fall.

CSS members and Partners will also soon see opportunities to turn their energy and enthusiasm into ways to obtain complimentary CSS memberships - this is the basis of the CSS' Membership Incentive Policy in which participation and activities that help us meet our organizational goals will be rewarded.  For example, we already reward members will complimentary memberships for serving the CSS in Board and Executive capacities. This will be further expanded to those who contribute in other ways such as organizing certain events or serving as one of our many Standing Session Chairs (more on this in another article).

Please enjoy this new medium with us, and we look forward to exploring new opportunities with you in the future!


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