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Sponsor 2014 image webSince last November, the CSS has been working diligently with its Canadian Space Leaders Roundtable (CSLR) partners to come up with some engagement strategies in and around the upcoming International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Toronto this fall.  For those who have not yet attended an IAC, there are many activities in its program, and thus our intent has always been to make a contribution without generating any unnecessary conflicts.  We are thus pleased to have been able to carve out a few key activities that we feel will bring value to our members, our Partners and the Canadian Public.  




CSS Booth

a manned CSS Exhibit booth in the Canadian Pavillion at the IAC (booth #217)

We See Thee Rise

The Canadian Space Program Today and Tomorrow Show with The Planetary Society (and featuring Bill Nye) (1 Oct)

Meet & Greet/Mini-Space Fair 

(MTCC-North, Rm 103, 30 Sep, 7-9pm) for our International colleagues.  This will include participation from many of our local Cdn Space Actors to provide an appreciation of what Canada does and how 'she does it'

IAF SSC14Register

Space Art/Canada Space History Exhibit

(MTCC-North, Rm 103) to be available to the Public and the IAC attendees during the IAC week (30 Sep - 2 Oct)

Thank you SPACE Canada our Exhibit Sponsor!

Canada 50 1

Tribute Event to the Late Frederick Ordway III

(MTCC-North, Rm 103, 7-8:30pm, 2 Oct)

***The First 50 Registrants will receive FREE books courtesy of Apogee Books

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IAC Presentations

presentations from various Members during the IAC

Besides these very exciting activities, the CSS also plans to host and coordinate a number of events across Canada, as well as continue its support of connecting ordinary Canadians with the benefits of space technology. Since these important events require a fair amount of resources, the CSS is requesting support from many of its friends and benefactors.  A copy of the complete Sponsorship Package can be found here, or contact our Marketing Officer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Any help will be greatly appreciated and - even a little will mean a lot!

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