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Canadian Space Gazette!!!

The Canadian Space Gazette is a quarterly publication serving the common goals of the Canadian Space community. The Gazette documents current affairs in space development and exploration, on behalf of the diverse coalition of Canadians dedicated to increasing the nation's activity in Space. The sole publication of its kind in Canada, the Gazette serves a unique and growing function in support of this vision.

The Gazette distribution includes various members of the space industry, the Canadian Space Agency, media representatives, other branches of government as well as the Canadian general public.


To contact us for any matter pertaining to the Canadian Space Gazette please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you would like to write an article, letter or critique, or support the production of the gazette in any way, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Past Issues

In order to access an issue, please click on the link. This will take you to a description page of the issue. The issue can then be downloaded via the "download" link at the bottom.

Note that issues older than 1 year will only be accessible to CSS Members & Gazette Subscribers.

2009 (Volume 10), Issue 1
Featured articles include:
  • What's Next for the Canadian Space Industry?
  • Toronto Cinema Offers Planetarium Experience
  • Unmasking Europa: The Search for Life on Jupiter's Ocean Moon
  • Canadian Newspace - Domestic and International Opportunities

2008 (Volume 9), Fall Issue
Featured articles include:
  • Google Lunar X Prize Under Way: But Is Canada Up to the Challenge?
  • Generation Y
  • The David Dunlop Observatory and Park
  • Commercial Space Ventures and Legal Adventures

2008 (Volume 8), Spring Issue
Featured articles include:
  • Canadian Space Program - A Rollercoaster Year
  • New UWO Graduate Program
  • Small Satellite Design Challenge
  • Ontario Science Centre Unveils Refurbished Planetarium

2007/2008 Winter Issue
Featured articles include:
  • Successful CSS Summit
  • China's Space Industry
  • Canada's Own SCISAT-1
  • Space Entrepreneurship

September/October 2007
Featured articles include:
  • The Early History of Canada's Space Program
  • The Great Canary Telescope
  • Phoenix Launch
  • fMARS Mission

August 2006
Featured articles include:
  • ExoMars: A Rover for Canada?
  • CanX-2 and Formation Flight
  • Scouting the Moon
  • Avro Arrow

May 2006
Featured articles include:
  • Space Elevator
  • Phoenix Prepares to Fly
  • CSA Technology Development

February 2006 (Guest Editor Ruey Chao, Canadian Alumni of the International Space University)
Featured articles include:
  • New Year's Resolution
  • The Renaissance of a Space Solution to Renewable Energy Production
  • A Frontier Person
  • Comparative Climate Change
  • The Other Pluto Controversy

November 2005 (Guest Editor Saadia Hussain, Waterloo Space Society)
Featured articles include:
  • Terrapin Station: An Alternative Approach to Space Exploration
  • Don't Kill the Starry Messenger
  • Weightlessness on the Vomit Comet

August 2005
Featured articles include:
  • Looking to the Future: The International Polar Year of 2007-2008

May 2005 (Guest Editor Reyna Jenkyns, Mars Society of Canada)
Featured articles include:
  • The Carleton Mars Project: Science Fiction Becomes Reality...On Paper at Least

January 2005(Guest Editor Justin Trottier, University of Toronto Astronomy & Space Exploration Society)
Featured articles include:
  • Bathe in the Marvels of the Majestic Saturnian System

November 2004 (Guest Editor Reyna Jenkyns, Mars Society of Canada)
Featured articles include:
  • Civilian Space Flight is Achieved!

Fall 2004
Featured articles include:
  • NASA's Centennial Challenge Workshop

Summer 2004 (Guest Editor Reyna Jenkyns, Mars Society of Canada)
Featured articles include:
  • Political Gameplan: Members Take Action

May 2004
Featured articles include:
  • A Microsat in Canada

January 2004

November 1985



Contributing organizations have included:

Make Use of the Canadian Space Gazette: Advertisements, Classifieds, Event Listings and Projects


The Canadian Space Society is proud to offer advertisement space in our flagship publication the Canadian Space Gazette. Get your product or service out to the Canadian space community! The Gazette readership spans the professional industry leader to the local enthusiast. Our advertising rates are highly competitive and we offer special discounts for increased frequency of publication and for corporate sponsors and members.

Frequency 1 2 4 8      
OPTION A - Based on $350/page, $15 for 1/12 page and a smooth price change for each 1/12 change in size       width height
1 page 350 320 285 225      
0.67 228.20 208.64 185.80 146.69   4.5" 9.75"
0.50 167.30 152.96 136.20 107.53 horizontal 7.0" 4.75"
          vertical 4.5" 7.25"
0.33 106.40 97.28 86.60 68.37 vertical 2.125" 9.75"
          square 4.5" 4.75"
0.25 75.95 69.44 61.80 48.80 square 4.5" 3.5"
          vertical 2.125" 7.25"
0.17 45.50 41.60 37.00 29.22 vertical 2.125" 4.75"
          horizontal 4.5" 2.25"
0.08 15.04866019 13.7588 12.2 9.64   2.125" 2.25"
OPTION B - based on $280 for full page and dividing by 12 for each 1/12 drop in size          
1 page 280 320 285 225      
0.67 186.67 213.34 190.01 150.01      
0.50 93.34 160.01 142.51 112.50      
0.33 31.11 106.67 95.00 75.00      
0.25 7.78 80.00 71.25 56.25      
0.17 1.30 53.34 47.50 37.50      
0.08 23.33 26.67 23.75 18.75      
20% discount for corporate sponsors          


The Canadian Space Society is offering space for short, basic ads to private individual sellers of products or services who are not in the commercial business of selling such goods or services. This is being offered free to CSS members and a small fee of $20 to non members. If you would like to keep your contact information private, you may choose to do so.

Event Listing

Do you know of an upcoming event in the world of space exploration or space technology development? Please let us know. Include a brief description of the event, including title, participants, date and time, price, venue, address and contact phone number (or e-mail or web address). Listings may be edited for length.

Projects Section (members only)

Looking for help with your space project? Post your company or group’s project goal, timeline and available positions here. The Canadian Space Gazette spans across Canada and through all levels of industry and government. Get your project on the fast track TODAY! This service is only offered to members of the Canadian Space Society so join today.

Volunteer with the Canadian Space Gazette

Staff Writers and Editors, Canadian Space Gazette (Canadian Space Society)The Canadian Space Society is looking for enthusiastic volunteers (CSS or other space organization members) to report on the latest news in Canada’s space industry, both at home and abroad. As a Gazette reporter you will have the unique opportunity to speak with leaders in the Canadian space community and find out the latest technological and scientific discoveries. The Gazette is also in search of 2-3 additional associate editors. The Canadian Space Gazette gets distributed across Canada and around the world, in industry and government. The minimum commitment for these positions is 2 hours per week for 6 months. At the end of the term you will receive a Certificate of Completion outlining skills that have been acquired. If you are interested in becoming a part of a dynamic and trend setting team, please contact the Gazette editor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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