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Innovation: Bringing Space Down to Earth

November 19th and 20th, 2015  Vancouver, BC

Public Event: November 18th, 2015

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 Image Courtesy of Tourism Vancouver

Day Two - 20 November

Note: Schedule is subject to change 

 0800hrs  Young Professionals Breakfast  
 0900hrs  Welcome Remarks Summit Chair 
   Plenary Talk - The New Horizons Encounter with Pluto


Dr Randall Gladstone


   Session: Space Law & Space Commerce



   Session Invited Speaker (Space Law) - The Governance of Space in the 21st Century  Dr Cassandra Steer
   Session Invited Speaker (Space Commerce) - "The Intersection of Commercial Space and Policy - A Survey of Current Developments" Mr Ian Christensen
   The Space Generation Advisory Council: Students and Young Professionals Shaping the Future Kate Howells and Adam Vigneron
   Establishing Legal Certainty for Modern Space Activities by Using Traditional Concepts of Civil Law Maria Manoli
   Open Innovation in Space Anne Wen
   Plenary Talk - The Space Library


Rob Godwin


   Keynote Speaker - Vision to Reality: Democratizing the View of Earth from Space


Scott Larson, CEO UrtheCast


   Session: Astronomy & Space Life Sciences



   Session Invited Speaker Dr Howard Trottier
   A Compariative Evaluation of Conventional Shielding Concepts For Protecting Spacecraft Aleksandr Cherniaev
   Detection & Tracking of Moving Objects Using GBOT-pipeline Dr Damya Souami
   A Proposed OpenLuna Analogue Aquaponics Module to Support Exploration of Extraterrestrial Surfaces Nathan Going et al.
   Fatty Acids Supplementation as a Strategy to Attenuate Muscle Disuse Atrophy in Space Dr Deryck Persaud


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