Thank You SPACE Canada as Our Exhibit Sponsor! SpaceCan


Space Art Comes to Toronto! 

(Image courtesy of Arthur Woods)

"Revolutions: The Inexorable Evolution of Art" is a space art exhibition examing how space exploration and related technologies are being used to transform art and culture, and inspire a new generation of innovators. Representing the work of over 50 acclaimed space artists, Revolutions features a variety of space artworks including art derived from space technologies, art designed for microgravity environments, orbital art, and art inspired by space developments. Shows have already been conducted in Calgary and Ottawa, with upcoming events in Winnipeg and possibley Vancouver in 2015. This event will bring home to Toronto the inspiring nature of space art while titillating imaginations, young and old. 

 Canada's 50 Years in Space

Canada 50 1
(Image Courtesy of DFATD)

Developed by the Embassy of Canada in Washington, D.C., and exciting collection of images and memorabilia detailing Canada's exploits in space since 1962 has been compiled and exhibited around the world. The CSS has begun plans to bring this collection to as many Canadians as possible.


  • Located at Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North, 255 Front Street, Rm 103
  • Open from 9am-7pm 30 Sep - 2 Oct
  • Entrance is free but donations are very much appreciated!
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