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World Space Week October 4-11 2014

Every October 4-11, the world gathers to celebrate World Space Week, the largest public space events on Earth. The theme for 2014, “Space: Guiding Your Way” features the benefits of satellite navigation to society. Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) have transformed modern life here on Earth, they include constellations of Earth-orbiting satellites that broadcast their locations in space and time, networks of ground control stations, and receivers that calculate ground positions by trilateration. GNSS are used in all forms of transportation- including planes, trains, ships, and is even used in our location based mobile phone applications.

They can help you plan a trip, tell you what kind of weather to expect, and when disaster strikes prove quite effective in aiding emergency responders to find people in need of help. Besides providing vital information on positioning and navigation, they also play a critical role in keeping our clocks in sync, time signals are used to control computer networks, air traffic, power grids and much more.

World Space Week 2014 brought participation with over 1400 events in 80 countries. In Canada, CSS kicked off activities as National Coordinator with viewings of the second Blood Moon Eclipse, outreach programs in collaboration with the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) Toronto Centre and University of Toronto Schools (UTS).

RASC Members’ Night, held at the Ontario Science Centre (Imperial Oil Auditorium), comprised of a special banner signing, a 50/50 draw, and informative talks by Blake Nancarrow- The Sky this month, Ron MacNaughton- Is the solar System really that big?, and Michael Watson- Astrophotography with a portable mount.  

Innovation can come from new discoveries, novel ideas, and/or simply through creativity. To inspire a new generation of innovators, our event at the UTS Campus engaged the space leaders of tomorrow, students were addressed with presentations highlighting the wonders of space exploration, GNSS technologies on Earth and the importance of pursuing a career in space.

The theme for World Space Week 2015 is “Discovery” it celebrates the exciting discoveries in space, teaching us a lot about our origins and our future. We aim to inspire even more events this October 2015, so remember to register your events and join us in celebrating the contributions of space science and technology to the betterment of the human condition.


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