The ROM, in partnership with the University of Toronto, is opening its doors to game developers for the third (and FINAL) annual ROM Game Jam. During the first weekend of October (Oct 2-4), 100 developers will spend three days inside the ROM creating games that animate its exhibitions. This year's theme? Space Rocks!

YOU can join in the fun! During selected times, the crystal fortress that the developers will be working in will be open to the public. 

Walk on the Moon. Touch space rocks. Play ROM Game Jam video games. ROM scientists will be on hand to answer your questions!

We’ll also have a special presentation on “Space Rocks” open to the public by Dr. Kim Tait, ROM Curator of Minerology and Marianne Mader, ROM Managing Director, Centres for Earth & Space and Fossils & Evolution. 

  • Friday, October 2 6 – 6:30 pm in the Eaton Theatre
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