Space Net Night is a collaboration between the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) and the Carleton Mechanical and Aerospace Society (CMAS) and has been sponsored by the ADGA Group.


On behalf of the Space Generation Advisory Council, it is our pleasure to invite you to the inaugural Space Net Night, happening Wed 07 Oct at Carleton University.  This event is occurring during World Space Week (04-10 Oct) and is designed to foster networking in the Ottawa space community at both the student-to-employer level and at the business-to-business level. 


We will start at 6:30 PM in Azrieli Theatre 101 with casual networking as students and professionals arrive.  We will then proceed to one hour of rapid presentations, where local space organizations will have five minutes to present their organization and its area of expertise.  Finally, we will cap off the evening in the campus pub with a social hosted by the Canadian Space Society.


Come enjoy the fun!



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