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The CSS-Ottawa chapter held their latest chapter meeting on Dec 12 at the Fox and Feather pub on Elgin. This event was  driven by a group of very dedicated civil servants who are keen on making a difference. Including making a betterment to Canada’s policy on space! About 50 people attended, heard the presentations by the four panelists, two from the CSS, and then participated in a brief question and answer period. This meeting  partnership is just one more way that we are getting the word out that a future in space is a realizable necessity.


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School's Out

With a grand flourish to the end of school, two members of the CSS-Ottawa Chapter gave an exciting presentation to a Grade 5 class at the Ottawa Jewish Community School on June 16. Highlights included Dextre on the ISS, Scott Kelly's 2 year stay in space and some history on the Black Brant rocket. Most fun was the live physics lesson with students on rolling office chairs who 'gained momentum' by throwing a heavy object. Equally, a short range 'stomp' rocket got all the students tuned to the possibility of rocket flight. A great big thanks to Wolf and Gabriella.

Next week the CSS-Ottawa team is again at the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum for Canada Day. Look for us by the standing 'Space' display and drop by for a chat. We'd love to meet with you.


Ottawa - Star Wars Sens Game

Attention CSS Ottawa Members!

Here is a fun promotion for next week's Star Wars night at the Sens game, December 5th. Promo includes a free collectible puck! I've been told that there is fun merchandise being sold at the game and of course a fun way to enjoy the game in a "space" friendly atmosphere.

Star Wars Night @ Sens Game

Ottawa Chapter - 2015 Sept

At our most recent meeting Sept 15, we chatted on;

$1·       Ottawa Space Cluster for networking

$1·       Carleton's Aerospace program

$1·       Space Mining

$1·       Planetary & Terestrial Mining Science Symposium

$1·       World Space Week

$1·       CSS Summit 2015

$1·       The Martian

$1·       Can-Con

$1·       Astro 2016, and

$1·       a public outreach to local schools.

Don't you wish you were there? Aren't you going to be sure you will be there for the next one!

Cheers, Mark

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