Ottawa, September 21, 2011 – A team of Carleton University students were put to the test by the Canadian Space Society (CSS) Ottawa Chapter. Members of the CU3Sat Team, competitors in the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge (CSDC), participated in a mock Preliminary Design Review (PDR) as part of their outreach activities. The primary objective of the Challenge is for teams of university students (undergraduate and graduate) to design and build an operational small-satellite, based on commercially-available, "off-the-shelf" components.

Members of Ottawa’s space community had a chance to scrutinize the CU3Sat Team’s project in advance of their PDR on September 30, 2011. Ryan Anderson, Chair of the Ottawa Chapter, insisted that, “we put the Carleton Team through the wringer so that when they do the real thing, it’ll be a breeze”. Of course, the ultimate prize for the team is a free launch of their satellite into orbit and the opportunity to conduct space science research. By providing real feedback from industry experts, the CSS Ottawa Chapter was hoping to help bolster the business case of the project and provide an opportunity to educate members on the rigour of the PDR process and what it takes to design and build a satellite.

The CU3Sat Team tackled questions about launch requirements, ground infrastructure, partnerships and payloads from a carefully selected panel of industry experts. Mr. Greenberg, an industry expert, advised the members to emphasize any home-grown technologies, especially if they have flight heritage, to highlight the Canadian content used in the competition. Alternatively, the CU3Sat Team noted that working with Canadian components and companies in this case, especially those located in Montreal, provided the advantage of lower costs, direct customer service and support.

By the end of the night, the CU3Sat Team had impressed the industry experts and demonstrated their capacity to design, build and defend their satellite project. On behalf of the Ottawa Community, the CSS wishes the Carleton CU3SatTeam the best of luck in the real PDR and if they are up for round two, a mock Critical Design Review (CDR) could be arranged in the winter.

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