Chair - Mr. Ryan Anderson


Ryan has long been active in the space sector, chairing the Ottawa chapter of CSS and writing for Space Quarterly Canada.  As a Sr. Satellite Engineer with Telesat, Ryan has experience in operations on many notable satellites, including Nimiq 1&2, Radarsat 2, and Nimiq 5. A graduate of the University of Ottawa, Ryan remains active in the local space community, volunteering for NRC's Marsville and Engineering Challenge programs, and now working to establish the Ottawa Chapter of CSS.

A Professional Engineer of Ontario, Ryan also holds a Black Belt in Taekwondo, a Green Belt in Six Sigma, and is working on his Amateur Radio Licence. In 2004, Ryan spent his Christmas at the Mars Desert Research Station as an Engineer on Crew 31, and in 2009 he narrated the Space Generation Advisory Council's documentary on Near Earth Objects and Planetary Defense.
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