Colonizing Venus with Cloud Cities: The Venus Society

Presented by Eric Boyd (see bio below)

Abstract:  Geoffrey A. Landis proposed in 2003 that we could explore and ultimately colonize Venus using vehicles and cities designed to float high in the atmosphere.  There are many compelling advantages of this plan over colonizing the Moon or Mars, and not all of them are technical - some are simply awesome, such as the vision of living in a floating city (instead of an underground bunker).  We need a non-profit society which will help bring this possibility into the public eye, both via traditional awareness raising and by coordinating the needed R&D.


Eric Boyd is the founder of Sensebridge, a wearables company. Born and raised in Ontario Canada, on a small chicken farm, Eric went to Queens University for engineering, graduating in 2003, but not before After graduating, he lived and worked in Silicon Valley at a high tech startup, designing and installing industrial sensors. Eric is currently based in Toronto Canada, where he is President of Hacklab.TO, a technology community space, and the Director of Festival Programming at Maker Festival, a two-day celebration of the Do-It-Yourself-ethos which attracts 10,000 people to the reference library. At Sensebridge, Eric works on a variety of devices which are intended to augment the user, turning them into a cyborg. These devices include North Paw, a compass anklet that gives users a sense of direction, and Heart Spark, a heart-beat flashing pendant which broadcasts the wearers emotions. A man of diverse interests, his other hobbies include Quantified Self, the Awesome Foundation, DIYbio and Guerrilla Gardening.

Eric is a passionate reader of science fiction since a very young age, but decided years ago that space travel just wasn't likely for him in his lifetime, given the trends.  However recently New Space has him all fired up, and when he discovered Geoffrey A. Landis and his Venus paper, he was bitten again by the space bug!




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