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Winnipeg - As most of us know, it often can be much easier to teach or learn something when it is fun - remember all those Barney songs (might have dated myself a bit there!)? Of course, it is also true for space stuff, although one might also argue that space is pretty much interesting/cool/sick no matter how you look at it.  The CSS Winnipeg group was pleased and excited to partner with the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada (formerly the Western Canada Aviation Museum) to provide some on-site workshops across various fields of interest. 


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The first workshop by the renowned Dr Jayanne English from UoM, featured a foray into the art of working with astronomical images to both make them more visually-appealling and scientifically representative/accurate - believe me, not an easy thing to do!



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We were also fortunate to have Mr Jeff Cieszecki come in to run a rocketry-building workshop.  Although the rockets we built were a far-cry from a Saturn V, Mr C was able to impart to us some key aspects of the build phase that could have drastic impacts on the launch phase!  Not sure what they are?  Then maybe you should connect with us so we can put on another workshop!  Special mention to the Woollard/Purtell family of Rocketeers! 

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And finally we would like to mention the contribution from Mr Gordon Campbell. Although we could not get his "Explore the Universe" workshop established at the museum, he was able to carry it out at Ecole Viscount Alexander, and some striking space artists certainly inhabit that place!  Thanks to both Mr Campbell and Ecole Viscount Alexander for their contribution to inspiring kids and supporting the CSS. 


GordonC Workshop

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