Reasons to Join

Many of the people who have joined the Canadian Space Society have done so out of a desire to "do something" to contribute to space development efforts. A common feeling is that while an individual may not be able to do much on his or her own, more could be accomplished by joining with a group of like-minded people. The CSS firmly stands by this idea. Members have been involved in advisory groups to the Canadian Space Agency, and have helped run letter-writing campaigns and petitions to Parliament to encourage more "home-grown" space-related activity, along the lines of the highly successful Canadian designed and operated MOST micro-satellite, along with international co-operation.

Canada has been very active in space endeavours for many years which have run the gamut of fielding complex space systems and instruments, to backyard space enthusiast activities such as model rocketry and amateur radio.  The CSS serves as a logical place to both stimulate interest and awareness in a wide range of topics, as well as provide a forum to connect academia, industry, and government with the general public. We feel this is the best way to encourage space knowledge across many age groups and backgrounds.

Public interest in the current scientific probes to the planets (Cassini and the Mars Rovers) and the activity associated with the X-Prize projects show that space exploration and development remain important issues in the public eye,and deserve our support.

How to join the CSS

To accomplish these goals, we ask you to join or renew your support of the CSS so you may keep abreast of developments in the Canadian space community and help us to make a difference in the years ahead.

There are two types of membership to the Canadian Space Society: individual and corporate.


General Member

There are two kinds of individual memberships:

Professional Member - $75/year

Student Member -$40/year 
(with proof of student status)

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General Membership Benefits

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Corporate Member

Corporate members gain a number of paid memberships for their employees, based on the level of membership.

PLUS many, many other benefits.


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