Dear/Chèr(e) Space Colleague,

As you are well aware, Canadians continue to make important contributions to the exploration and development of space. From Earth-orbiting remote-sensing satellites to robotic arms to reporting Martian weather, Canadian expertise has not only been leveraged, but has also provided leadership in many key areas. Much of the success of these endeavours has been due to the increased awareness, and subsequently, support of the Canadian public whose pride and resources have bolstered Canadian space technologies and expertise since the first Alouette satellite. This support has been crucial and heavily relies upon ensuring accurate and timely information is disseminated to the Canadian public about the important ‘space’ work that our industry, academia, and related associations carry out each and every day.

The Canadian Space Society is an organisation that started over 25 years ago to bring together Canada’s best and brightest in the space industry to pursue research ideas and projects and to move the industry forward in various underdeveloped yet cutting edge fields. Over the years, the CSS has spawned many projects and several companies have originated from within the ranks of the CSS. Today, the CSS is composed of both space professionals and space enthusiasts, from both government and private industry, who are working on any of Canada’s high profile space missions including the MOST space telescope, the Phoenix mission to Mars and the Can-X series of microsatellites just to name a few. To continue this tradition, new programs have been established as well as new ways for people, companies and other organisations to become involved and contribute. In the dynamic of the Canadian space industry today, the CSS has been consolidating a vast number of resources into a more formal national space network that can work with professionals to provide them with the latest talent in the space industry that Canada has to offer as well as improve the cooperation between space interest groups. To promote involvement in this grand endeavour, we would like to invite you to become a Corporate Member of the Canadian Space Society.

As a Corporate Member, your company will be entitled to the following benefits (modified by your level of corporate membership):

  • Professional Membership for employees at Student prices (savings of nearly 50%) who will get
    • full access to CSS events (including opportunities to exhibit your company) such as the Annual Canadian Space Summit, professional development seminars and regular monthly meetings;
    • access to activities put on by other CSS-affiliated organizations;
  • opportunities to contribute to and advertise with the Canadian Space Society;
  • access to CSS job posting facilities and other public relations infrastructure; and
  • promotion via access to a network of space interest groups, individuals, other corporations, government agencies, etc.


CM benefits 2014

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With members already coming from all corners of Canada, the CSS will be able to put your organisation in touch with many opportunities and raise the profile of your company’s contributions to the Canadian space industry and more importantly, to the Canadian public at large. For a long time, the CSS has been the national organisation for insight into Canadian space expertise. We would like to include your organisation within this burgeoning enterprise as an official Corporate Member. Please contact the undersigned at your earliest opportunity to find out how easy it is to join and begin reaping the benefits!

Best regards,

Wayne A. Ellis
Corporate Membership Program (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +1 204 250 6165)
Canadian Space Society (

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