1.1 The CSS is committed to the protection of the on-line personal information it collects from CSS members and others in the pursuance of promoting the advancement, discovery, learning, and application of space research, business, and development in Canada. To this end, the CSS is committed to keeping all on-line personal information it collects confidential and secure.

1.2 This policy statement informs CSS members, employees, officials and others of the manner in which CSS safeguards on-line personal information.

The CSS web site offers on-line links to third party sites within the space and other communities and these third party sites are governed by their own respective privacy practices and policies. Anyone wishing to visit a third party site is encouraged to investigate their privacy policies prior to exchanging any information with them.



2.1 For some on-line interactions, the CSS may collect personally identifiable information such as name, postal and email addresses, phone numbers, institutional affiliations, etc. This information is primarily used for membership and subscription management. The CSS will not collect payment-related information such as credit card information, only transaction completion data. All payments will be process through Paypal in accordance to the Paypal Privacy Policy.



3.1 When the CSS uses a third party agent for business purposes, such as shipping, credit card validation, hotel registration for meetings, etc., these agents are required to keep any information provided by the CSS confidential and use it only for the purposes of providing the specific service requested by the CSS.



4.1 The CSS tries to balance the need for a collegial environment of openness with the desire of some members to limit public availability of their contact information.

4.2 The CSS publishes a list of its members so that other members can find them alphabetically, geographically, or by field of interest – this list also provides the media and others a means of identifying a subject matter expert. A member may request their information not be included in a list.



5.1 In order to ensure that subscribers can access their subscriptions, members can access their membership services, the web site is effectively and efficiently running, and for other operational tasks, the CSS may track some non-personal information collected on-line. This may include such things as IP addresses, browser-related information, page visits, etc.

The CSS may employ browser “cookies” to retain preferences and facilitate site features; these cookies are temporary and normally deleted automatically at the end of a browser session. The CSS may use tools such as Google Analytics to aggregate some web site use information for web traffic analysis.

5.2 The CSS may provide public forums on-line (or forums restricted to members or other groups). Given the nature of public forums, the CSS does not assume any responsibility for protecting any of the information disclosed in a forum by forum participants.



6.1 Some CSS web pages may present third party advertisements via such networks as Google AdSense. It is normal practice for advertising applications to use browser cookies (such as Google's DART cookie) to serve ads based on a user's prior visits to web sites served by the same advertising network. Google and other reputable ad networks comply with opt-out provisions that can be accessed at the Network Advertising Initiative (here). Furthermore, there are applications that will prevent the tracking of sites visited or browsed. The CSS does not, itself, directly target any third party advertising to any individual. If in using the CSS web site an objectionable advertising is encountered, please take a screen-snapshot (or record what was encountered) and notify the CSS Privacy Officer.



7.1 Changes to this policy may be made from time to time and promptly updated and communicated on the CSS website.



8.1 The CSS official responsible for compliance with this policy is the CSS Privacy Officer.

8.2 Enquiries regarding the application, information, suggestions, complaints, concerns, etc. regarding this policy should be directed to the CSS Privacy Officer as follows:

a) by mail to: Privacy Officer, Canadian Space Society, 1115 Lodestar Road, Bldg E
PO Box 70009, Rimrock Plaza PO, Toronto, ON,  M3J 0H3

b) by e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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