The Canadian Space Society (CSS) is a national non-profit organisation, a unique combination of professional and enthusiasts interested in pursuing the human exploration and development of the Solar System and Beyond.

With some of Canada's top aerospace experts and engineers on board, the CSS is made up of people of all backgrounds and interests, including teachers, environmentalists, writers, and marketers. Our principal objective is to sponsor and promote the involvement of Canadians in the development of Space.

In order to help carry out our principal objective, we pursue the following additional goals:

  • to provide meeting and working places to Society members for the purposes of discussion, presentation and development of Space and Space-related technologies;
  • to sponsor, promote and engage in activities designed to promote increased knowledge of Space and Space-related technologies among Society members and the general public;
  • to pursue the publication and distribution of Space-related materials and products.


  • NASA Space Apps Challenge - Canadian Teams

           28-30 April 2017

    Interested in solving problems that could change the world?  NASA provides these problems, and teams from around the world join in solving them.  Despite the name of the competition, it isn't all about programming.  Click on the link and learn more.


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