We are proud to announce that the Canadian Space Society was honoured with a 2015 CIO Impact Award from Frost & Sullivan.

Alma Receiving CIOAward

The CIO Impact Awards honour enterprise teams and individuals from around the world that are enabling breakthrough new business models and strategies through the innovative use of transformative technologies. The CSS was entered into the category Enterprise Social Networking, one of eight technology-specific categories and evaluated by a panel of expert Frost & Sullivan judges. All eight categories are for outstanding projects completed by an enterprise IT team. CIO Impact Award winners are those projects receiving the highest scores from the judges.

The winners in the Enterprise Social Networking category will have leveraged any of a variety of social networking tools and platforms to enable internal collaboration and decision-making or to connect with and better understand and service their customers. Successful projects, for example, will have used enterprise social networking platforms to engage with customers on new product preferences, to quickly sense and respond to emerging customer preferences or concerns, or to enhance and accelerate internal collaboration.

The new CSS website, space asset map, and collaboration platform, an initiative led by Mr. Jimmy Hazin, CSS Alberta chair, and Dr. Alma Barranco-Mendoza, CSS Chief Information Officer, in collaboration with Infogenetica Consulting Services was funded in part by a grant from the Alberta provincial government. The CSS project was selected amongst hundreds of entries from around the world to be honoured with this award.

Dr. Barranco-Mendoza was presented with the award on the final day of ConNEXTions 2015, Frost & Sullivan’s Executive MindXchange, at the CIO IMPACT AWARDS Gala on February 10, 2015.

Please join us in celebrating this great accomplishment!


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