Toronto - The Canadian Space Society (CSS) capped off a successful IAC week with three public-engaging events and three partnership-building Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs). Besides manning a booth at the IAC all week, the CSS was able to stage a world-class space art and history exhibit, hold a Canadian Space Interest Group Meet & Greet, and host a Tribute event to the Late Frederick I Ordway III. According to CSS President, Wayne Ellis, "these type of events underline the CSS' desire to connect Canadians, and partners, to space, as well as to some of the pioneers of space such as the Late Mr Ordway."

Booth IAC webArtHist IAC web

The CSS also took advantage of the international nature of the IAC to arrange for three separate MoUs, including the British Interplanetary Society (BIS), the Dutch Space Society (NVR) and the United Nations'-sponsored World Space Week Association (WSWA).  The latter arrangement officially taps the CSS as the National Coordinator for World Space Week activities in Canada.


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