The CSPC will bring together many from the academic, government, industry, and non-profit sectors, and from abroad, with interests at the intersection of science and policy. The conference is being spearheaded by young researchers and has subsequently received a groundswell of support. This support include 19 prominent members of the science policy community enthusiastically endorsed the conference and agreed to serve on its advisory committee. The conference has also received sponsorships from various sources . Also several of renowned figures in science community have laid their endorsement behind the conference by accepting to serve at the honorary committee, including;

The Honourable Gary Goodyear: Minister of State (Science and Technology)
Dr. Yvan Guindon: President, Royal Society of Canada
Dr. John Polanyi: Canadian Nobel Laureate
Dr. David Naylor: President, University of Toronto
Dr. Indira Samarasekera
: President
, University of Alberta
Dr. Stephen J.Toope
: President, University of British Columbia

Dr. Suzanne Fortier: President, NSERC

The widespread enthusiasm for the conference's aims and scope reflects a common desire of many within the Canadian scientific community - to see Canada adopt coherent, proactive, evidence-based science policy that transcends short-term fiscal and political calculations.

The conference has 3 primary objectives:

to identify current science policy issues;

to create networking opportunities between scientists and policy-makers; and

to lay the foundation for a Canadian ‘Virtual Institute’ for Science Policy Research.

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