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Battle over SKA super-telescope leads to split site

A long-running joust to host a radio telescope that would give mankind its farthest peek into the Universe ended on Friday with a Solomon-like judgement to split the site between Australia and South Africa. "We have decided on a dual site approach," said John Womersley, chairman of the board of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project, at a press conference in the Netherlands.  Read more at Space Daily.

Square Kilometer Array telescope may help make contact with aliens

The Square Kilometer Array (SKA), the world's most powerful radio telescope in development, may help make contact with aliens, if there is any, Australia's leading astronomer Fred Watson said on Tuesday.

The SKA is a global collaboration of 20 countries, which is aimed to provide answers to fundamental questions about origin and evolution of the Universe.  Read more at Space Daily.


The Canadian Space Society is a proud sponsor of the SKA Conference being held in Banff, Alberta!!

Many Comets Originally Formed In Other Solar Systems

Many of the most well known comets in history, including Halley, Hale-Bopp and McNaught, may have been born in orbit around other stars and not the Sun, according to a new study by Queen's University astronomy professor Martin Duncan and an international team of astronomers.  Read more at Space Daily.


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