RADARSAT Constellation Delayed Two Years

The Federal government has finally gotten around to letting slip the obvious.


The November 5th, 2012 Space News article "Canadian Radarsat Constellation Mission Delayed, Cost Rises by $400M" and the November 9th, 2012 Postmedia News article "Feds admit surveillance satellite project delayed two years" are both reporting that the estimated launch dates for the RADARSAT Constellation (RCM) series of the three Earth imaging satellites have been pushed back at least two years and that the overall costs for the program have risen dramatically.  Read more at the Commercial Space Blog.

Canada Loses Ground in the 2012 Futron Space Competitiveness Index

Futron has released its 2012 Space Competitiveness Index marking the 5th anniversary of the yearly publication. According to the report and for the third year in a row Canada continues to decline in the space competitiveness index though it remains ranked seventh overall. The report says that while Canada retains a skilled space workforce, delays in outlining and implementing a new space policy are "significantly" offsetting any competitive advantages.  Read more at SpaceRef Canada.

Costs jump for Canadian Arctic satellite surveillance system: documents

OTTAWA — The cost of a new satellite system the federal government wants to build to conduct Arctic surveillance is expected to jump from $600 million to more than $1 billion, according to a document obtained by the Citizen.

The project, dubbed the Radarsat Constellation Mission, or RCM, is seen as key to the Conservative government’s plans to expand Canada’s presence in the Arctic. The first satellite in the system is scheduled to be launched in 2014 and once the full system is operating, the constellation would be capable of providing extensive surveillance of the North as well as of Canada’s coasts.

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In the Absence of Government Leadership Canada's Space Sector Faces Uncertain Future

It should not have come as a surprise, after all everyone had been warned since the last budget that this budget would contain significant cuts. Yet when the budget was released, one of Canada's leading space companies, MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates (MDA), issued a press release the following day saying it was going to have to restructure its workforce.


Why did MDA issue such an extraordinary press release?  Read more at SpaceRef Canada.

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