Canada’s Newest Orphans of Apollo

robo RyanIn 2010, Canada injected some $110M of stimulus money into the Canadian Space Agency. Part of this money went to The Lunar Exploration Light Rovers program, a series of contacts awarded to various companies and universities worth about $60M.

However the decision was made to fund lunar rovers, it was brilliant. The moon had been relatively ignored in the wake of the Mars landings of Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity. Between Mars advocacy groups and Elon Musk the moon had been relegated to second status as an exploration destination.

This left Canada in a relatively quiet area of research, which is great if you have limited resources. You want to focus where others are not to gain the advantage! In true Canadian fashion, the results surpassed expectations.

One of the stimulus contracts went to Ontario Drive and Gear (ODG), who took a very commercial approach to the design of their Juno and Artemis rovers. A leader in terrestrial surface mobility, they sought to provide a rover that could host any type of payload. In this way the same rover could serve many missions.

Lunar Logistics

Let's hear it for progress. We all know that the International Space Station has a 'best before' date. That date is pretty soon. So what's next? Well ESA really wants a Lunar Village. They're so keen that they've funded Airbus for the design of PILOT, the precise and intelligent landing using on-board technologies to put logistics on the Moon. And what might the logistics be? Well, Canadensys, based in Bolton Ontario is the prime contractor for the ILOAs flagship mission. Hmmm, would you like an observatory there?

Is Delivery Included?

So you're sitting on the Moon. You discover from browsing the Web that your favourtie authour has just published a new book. And you want to read it. And you want to read the hardcopy edition. What to do?! Well Jeff Bezos is planning on adding the Moon as a destination for Amazon. It looks like you won't have to worry after all. Isn't progress grand! Wash. Post Article.



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