The Canadian Space Society (CSS) is a national non-profit organization made up of professionals and enthusiasts pursuing the human exploration and development of the Solar System and beyond. Its principal objective is to stimulate the Canadian space industry through its technical and outreach projects and promote the involvement of Canadians in the development of space.

With many of Canada’s top space professionals on board, the CSS is made up of people of all backgrounds and interests, including teachers, environmentalists, writers, and marketers. Our principal objective is to sponsor and promote the involvement of Canadians in the development of space.

The CSS is a federally-incorporated non-profit Canadian corporation and charity. (Letters Patent and Bylaws.) Inspired by the old L5 Society and other space-activist groups, its principle objective is to sponsor and promote the involvement of Canadians in the development of Space. This objective will allow us to grow in cooperation, rather than in competition, with other space development organizations (such as the National Space Society and the British Interplanetary Society), while meeting a real need for an effective Canadian space-development advocacy group.

In order to help carry out our principle objective, our Constitution provides for the following additional goals:

  • to provide meeting and working places to Society members for the purposes of discussion, presentation and development of space and space-related technologies;
  • to provide professional development for those in the space industry or interested in entering the space industry;
  • to sponsor, promote and engage in activities designed to promote increased knowledge of space and space-related technologies among Society members, and the general public;
  • to pursue the manufacture, printing, publication, and distribution of space-related materials and products.

Board of Directors and Executive

The Society is governed by a board of directors with a vast background in the Canadian and international space industries. The board serves to direct the Society as outlined in the Letters Patent and By-laws. Carrying out the directions of the Board is a team of Executive Officers that execute the day to day business of the Society. If you have any questions on the operation or governance of the Canadian Space Society, please feel free to get in touch with the members of the board or executive by clicking on the appropriate links below.

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