CSS and SEDS Canada sign MoU

The Canadian Space Society is excited to announce that a Memorandum of Understanding was signed with the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space Canada (SEDS Canada) in February 2019!

CSS is a strong supporter of space education and outreach and has been collaborating with SEDS Canada on several occasions in the past years. With the signing of the MoU, members of both organizations will receive more benefits such as attending each other’s events at a member’s rate, exhibiting for free or at a discounted charge, sharing event information and many more. We look forward to helping students pursue their space dreams and together create a brighter future of Canada’s space program.

Happy Cooperating, SEDS Canada!

About SEDS and SEDS Canada:

SEDS was founded by Peter Diamandis while he was a sophomore at MIT in October 1980, with founding chapters also started by Scott Scharfman and Richard Sorkin at Princeton University and Yale University respectively.

Shortly after, in the Spring of 1981, SEDS was initiated in Canada by Bob Richards. Together with Todd Hawley, Peter and Bob established SEDS as an international movement in 1982 at the first SEDS conference held at George Washington University. The SEDS Wikipedia page documents the history of the international SEDS movement.

SEDS Canada’s mission is to strengthen Canada’s future in space by providing post-secondary students with unique projects, research programs, and professional development opportunities in the Canadian governmental, industrial and institutional space sectors. Their vision is to be the central hub for all post-secondary students who want to have an impact in the Canadian governmental, industrial and institutional space sectors, by providing opportunities that engage students at the forefront of space exploration and development.

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