Canadian Space Summit 2017

Canada’s Next Space Generation

The 17th Annual Canadian Space Summit returns to Ottawa for Canada’s 150th birthday!

Join us as we help shape Canada’s Next Space Generation on
November 21 and 22, 2017.

Ottawa University

“Canada’s Next Space Generation” will speak to Canada’s future in space and provide a spotlight on the up-and-coming leaders of Canada’s space sector. By highlighting the next generation of industry leaders, space engineers, scientists, and astronauts, the CSS Summit will explore the changing nature of the global space industry and the evolving nature of how we incorporate space into our daily lives.

The 17th Annual Summit will provide a venue to discuss upcoming commercial space activities (e.g. space-mining), global trends (e.g. SmallSat constellations in Low-Earth Orbit) and future destinations that are being planned (i.e. Moon, Mars, and Asteroids). The key message of the Ottawa Summit will be, “Canadians are ready for take-off – from building new technologies, leading science missions, creating start-ups or innovative applications, Canadians will be there to push the limits of space”.

For assistance send an email to [email protected]


Nicole Verkindt, founder of OMX  ( and of Dragon’s Den fame) has confirmed as our Gala Dinner Speaker! 

Discounts available for CSS Members and Students.

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