Canadian Space Summit 2020

The Canadian Space Society’s Annual Space Summit is Canada’s leading conference devoted to space science, research and technology. The goal of the Summit is to bring together space professionals from industry, academia, government and the military as well as space and non-space enthusiasts from all walks of life. 

Whether you are interested in learning about new technologies, innovations, new theoretical concepts or political involvement with the progression of science. With technical sessions on everything from astronomy to utilization of LEO, MEO and GEO, from life sciences to law and policy, the Canadian Space Summit continues to also highlight the impact of the current trends on the new generation.

Highlighting space research

The Canadian Space Summit shines the spotlight on the latest research and technological developments in Canada’s space industry. Attendees have the opportunity to learn first hand from the scientists and engineers building the next generation of space technology where the current trends are taking the space industry and the exciting discoveries being made.

Building space business

Looking to learn and meet the top professionals in Canadian Space Industry – the Summit is the place to build your space business. Seize the opportunity to network with other space professionals looking for that next breakthrough technology that will change the face of the space industry. Have a unique idea or business plan you want to share? Looking to break into the space market or bring new business to your company’s space division? You can make summitt the platform where you can network with prospective clients and future collaborators.

Developing space policy…

Policy and Space go hand in hand as innovations continue, that’s why the Summit features a session specifically tailored for those individuals who work tirelessly to build the political framework to get Canadian technology into orbit. Learn from the political experts what’s involved to ensure your research or technology reaches its full potential.

Networking and establishing relationships…

Space science and technology development has become a great example of collaboration and promoting cooperation, whether you’re working regionally, nationally or internationally. Take advantage of this opportunity to meet and mingle with other Canadian and international space professionals and establish that relationship that can take your project to a whole new level. 

There are even opportunities for young professionals and students looking to graduate! 

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