CSS Winnipeg Group Brainstorms for Breakfast

It is pretty common knowledge that the best way to start your day is with a hearty breakfast, and the same certainly applies when you are trying to plan the activities of a gritty group of spacers like those at CSS Winnipeg. This occurred back in March at a local Ben and Florentines.

In attendance at this meeting were individuals from the University of Manitoba (Dr Witold Kinsner), the Royal Canadian Air Force (Greg Linton), Winnipeg Education (Jeff Cieszecki), and local aerospace companies (Alfonz Koncan and Wayne Ellis). Further, these gentlemen also represented past senior leadership from the IEEE, CSS National, as well as some of the key team members from Summit 2016.

Our task: brainstorm some activities for CSS-W for the coming year. Essentially, we wished to look at some ‘low-hanging fruit’ type of activities that would be most amenable to most of our (and others) very busy calendars. Ideas ran the gamut from supporting next year’s UoM Space Camp to setting up a Rocketry Club to establishing a space knowledge expertise program.  An interim CSS-W Exec will be formed to help direct us towards implementing some of these activities, as well as working to involve more people in the local area.

And breakfast was really good, too!

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