Canada's Annual Space Industry Conference

The Canadian Space Society's Annual Space Summit is Canada's leading conference devoted to space science, research and technology. With an annual attendance of approximately 150 attendees (and growing), the Summit brings together space professionals from industry, academia, government and the military as well as enthusiasts from all walks of life. The Canadian Space Summit is THE place to learn about the latest trends, technologies and political issues taking place in the space industry. With technical sessions on everything from astronomy to Earth orbit, from life sciences to law and policy, the Canadian Space Summit touches upon every facet affecting Canada's space industry!

Highlighting space research...

Featuring two days of technical presentations, the Canadian Space Summit shines the spotlight on the latest research and technological developments in Canada's space industry. Attendees have the opportunity to learn first hand from the scientists and engineers building the next generation of space technology where the current trends are taking the space industry and the exciting discoveries being made. Whether you're building the newest in Earth observation spectromete rs, working on the bleeding edge of planetary rover technology or making the latest scientific discovery beyond the solar system, the Canadian Space Summit has something for you!

Building space business....

Hosting professionals from Canada's top space companies, big and small, the Summit is the place to build your space business. Meet, interact and open the realm of possiblities with fellow space professionals looking for that next breakthrough technology that will change the face of the space industry. Have a unique idea or business plan you want to share? Submit an abstract of your idea to our "Space Commercialization" session where you'll get the inside track on how to make your space dreams a reality. Looking to break into the space market or bring new business to your company's space division? The summit provides the perfect venue where you can network with prospective clients and future collaborators.

Developing space policy...

No space program would ever get off the ground without the right policies in place to back it up. That's why the Summit features a session specifically tailored for those individuals who work tirelessly to build the political framework to get Canadian technology into orbit. Learn from the political experts what's involved to ensure your research or technology reaches it's full potential. From ITAR to international affairs, the Summit provides the inside track on tackling the political issues.

Networking and establishing relationships...

Space science and technology development represents the epitome of cooperation. Regardless of whether you're working regionally, nationally or internationally, no great discovery has ever been done in isolation. Meet and mingle with other Canadian and international space professionals and establish that relationship that can take your project to a whole new level. With meeting rooms and trade show space available, there's lots of opportunity for both one-on-one and group discussions. There are even opportunities for young professionals and students looking to graduate! Sign up for the Young Professional Networking Breakfast. Meet the managers, scientists and engineers who are looking for fresh new minds to hone and develop.

Promoting space to the public...

Not everyone can call themselves a 'space professional' but millions of ordinary Canadians get swept up by the allure of space exploration. That's why the Summit hosts a public event geared towards educating everyday Canadians on both the well-known and lesser-known Canadian contributions to space exploration that have changed the world in which we live. Featured as a town hall format, the Summit's public event shines the limelight on Canada's frontline space professionals while providing unprecedented access for public questions. Find out exactly how close the Canadian space industry is to YOU!

If your work focuses on the final frontier, the Canadian Space Summit is where you need to be!

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