Space Apps Challenge 2021: Congratulations to the Canadian winner

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) is proud to have participated in the 2021 NASA Space Apps Challenge. From  to , participants were asked to create innovative applications and solutions to different challenges using data from 10 space agency partners around the world.

Team Northstar from Ottawa, Ontario, was declared the overall winner of the CSA Space Apps Challenge . The one-man team came up with a solution to the CSA‘s Space Radiation Danger challenge, which consisted in establishing a risk scale of satellite computers shutting down because of strong radiation in space. Space-weather issues are likely to draw even more attention in the upcoming years, paving the way for new technologies that will improve satellite operations. Special congratulations to Adam McMullen!

In addition, the CSA would like to acknowledge the hard work and forward thinking of the finalist teams:

Two teams also got a honourable mention:

The CSA would like to thank the local organizers and partners of the NASA Space Apps Challenge, as well as the agencies and departments that helped come up with challenges and mentor during the event.

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Image Credit: CSA. © Canadian Space Agency

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